WORK-ABLE SOLUTIONS: Occupational Therapy Consulting Services
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Work-Able Solutions
is an occupational therapy and ergonomics consulting firm based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Since 1998, Work-Able Solutions has been dedicated to enhancing health and ability in the workplace and in the daily lives of our clients. We have evolved to deliver flexible and accessible services that recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. Known for our creative solutions and exceptional results, we ensure the needs of our clients are met, and expectations are exceeded. We are a company that strives to live by our core values, while providing Solutions for Living and Working WELL.


Solutions that work
The heart of what we do inspired the name of our company. We listen to our clients and deliver innovative, practical, and feasible solutions.

Being accountable and acting with integrity
We strive to do our best at everything we do, and we will go that extra step to make a difference. We make decisions that are guided by a strong sense of professional and corporate ethics.

Authentic relationships and collaboration
We respect and value every person equally, considering who they are, their experience, and their strengths. We strive to create collaborative and meaningful relationships in every situation to achieve positive outcomes. We are dedicated to helping people and organizations stay healthy and to achieve their goals.

Evidence-based services
We provide services based upon a foundation of solid and current research evidence. We go beyond good service to provide you with educated and professional opinions and solutions.

Personal growth and wellness
We believe the strength of our team comes from a commitment to professional growth, lifelong learning, and a work environment that supports personal wellness and a healthy life balance.


Work-Able Solutions offers a team of occupational therapists with diverse clinical expertise in physical, cognitive and mental health. We are sensitive to many workplace issues, we consider current legislation, and we have experience providing services in many different corporate and industrial settings such as:

• Automotive Service & Repair
• Airline/Baggage Handling
• Business, Finance & Administration
• Childcare
• Construction
• Criminal Justice / Corrections
• Commercial & Residential Cleaning
• Education
• Engineering
• Emergency / First Response
• Food & Dairy Processing
• Facilities Management
• Furniture Fabrication
• Farming / Agriculture
• Government
• Health Care
• Human Resources
• Heavy Equipment Operation
• Heavy Duty Mechanics
• Insurance / Case Management
• Landscape
• Laboratory
• Law Enforcement & Security
• Logging
• Mail Distribution
• Manufacturing & Assembly
• Management & Human Resources
• Meat Processing/Packaging
• Metal Fabrication & Machining
• Military
• Mining
• Performing Arts
• Pharmaceutical Distribution
• Plastic Fabrication & Processing
• Research
• Real Estate
• Restaurant & Food Services
• Sales and Service
• Small Engine Repair
• Shipping & Receiving
• Travel and Hotel
• Truck and Railway Transportation
• Veterinary
• Wood & Paper Processing